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 The 50's party was a blast. I won the limbo contest! Think I got gipped on the swing dance contents though. Thanks so much!

Looking forward to the parent's party. My brother said it was a lot of fun.

  The Parent's Party was so much fun! I have never seen my dad dance like that! Maybe that's a good thing...

I loved the contests that you had at the end of the second class. Will we be doing more of those in the next classes?

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Crabapple Junior Cotillion- registration is open!!

We are excited to announce that registration has just opened for Crabapple Junior Cotillion. This program will be held Sunday evenings starting September 17, 2017. Classes are held at Atlanta National Golf Club in Milton. This is open to students in the Northwestern and Hopewell area, along with area private school and homeschool students. We offer our classes for 7th graders and 8th graders.

I am often asked about cotillion for 6th graders. I strongly believe cotillion classes (dancing and manners) should start no earlier than 7th grade. There is huge growth in maturity between the 6th and 7th grade year. Our company has over 30 years experience teaching dance and etiquette. I have taught cotillion classes to 6th graders and seen firsthand the difference. The students, in general, do not enjoy dancing with each other and this in turn provides a negative experience for them. It also increases the likelihood that they will not return to the program for the second year. This does not apply to etiquette only classes. We believe it is never too early to start manners! We offer Young Elite programs to elementary students.

Our dedicated staff of trained professionals has a passion for teaching these social/professional skills in way that students enjoy and then use throughout their lives. We combine traditional and modern information. We cannot wait to meet your student!

For more information, please contact Valerie Macdonald at 770-781-5580 or


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