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When do I sign up for the 8th grade class? I don't want to miss out! Didn't even think I would like Cotillion. Parent's made me come. I am pretty glad they did :)

 I loved doing the shag AND limbo! I kept tripping over my poodle skirt but won the "best costume" contest so whatever!

 I loved this party. Thank you so much!

  The Parent's Party was so much fun! I have never seen my dad dance like that! Maybe that's a good thing...

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Junior Cotillion

Middle School Programs

Mrs. Macdonald and her staff currently emphasize programs for MIDDLE SCHOOL AGE STUDENTS (seventh and eighth grades) both in after-school as well as more formal evening programs. These courses all include instruction in traditional social skills, and while basic ballroom dancing is taught, emphasis is placed on the popular dances done at their school events, weddings, and bar-and batmizvahs. The students enjoy the fun and fast-paced programs, which are structured to promote feelings of self-confidence and enhance friendships with other students.


The traditional manners that are covered in all seventh grade (or first year) programs include:

Receiving line procedures
Dancing etiquette
Going to a dance or party
How to make good first impressions
Introducing yourself and others
Traditional rules for boys (escorting girls, holding chairs, coats, doors,
And when to remove their hats, etc.)
Telephone manners

The dancing taught in the seventh grade program includes the basic waltz and foxtrot, Charleston, disco shag, swing/jitterbug, free style, line and slow dancing. The program generally covers five consecutive weeks of dancing instruction for one and one-half hours each week, and culminates with at least one party that allows the students to practice all the skills learned during the course.

The second year, advanced, or eighth grade program includes instruction in the following social skills:

How to make good first impressions
Interviewing skills
Dress for success
Communication one-on-one
Consider the dating scene (walking through the initial date)
Table Manners
Restaurant Etiquette

The dancing taught will advance some of the more popular steps from the first year program as well as introduce, among others, some 70's Hustle, Latin, and a major Swing/Jitterbug routine in its six week class duration. Lasting one and one-half hours on consecutive weeks, the final class allows the students to practice their skills at a Dinner Dance for the more formal evening classes or at an informally catered event sponsored by the after-school parent-committee.



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