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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers for: After School Classes (held within the school setting)

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For over a century, children’s Cotillion classes have been a strong source of young people’s social education. Traditionally, dance classes were very formal, very selective, and very expensive.

The Cotillion Classes teach affordable social education. In the classes the children learn to dance, but also learn important social skills that will instill confidence and provide them with a lifetime skill that will make present and future parties more enjoyable.

Pricing varies based on location and duration of program. Most programs are $250-300.

We hope that our popularity demands repeating our classes in your school. We do offer a second year program for students in our junior high and high schools. It emphasizes currently popular dances and the following manners:

Making a Good First Impression, Introductions, Conversation Skills, Telephone Manners, Formal Table and Restaurant Manners, Interview Skills, Dress for Success, and Dating Etiquette.

Visit our Upcoming Classes Page here to find all of the all currently scheduled classes. We schedule by the season, so if classes are not currently offered in your area, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on when we will next offer classes.

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