Mission Statement

The Cotillion Group embraces the wonderful opportunity of offering affordable dance programs and social education to adults, young adults, and children. We believe it is our social duty to promote self awareness, self confidence, dance skills, etiquette, and life skills through the proven Cotillion Group method. We enhance our curriculum to address current situations our students are navigating through. We believe courtesy and respect never go out of style and we want to equip our students for all situations.

While the classes are appropriate to each of the age groups, our emphasis is in the middle and high school where the students learn traditional and popular dances as well as the social skills and rules of etiquette to give them confidence in everyday and business experiences they will need in our fast-paced and technological society. We have won the “most fun” acclamation from all of our hundreds of students each year!

Our Programs

The Cotillion Group Classes in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas

Mrs. Macdonald and her staff currently emphasize programs for MiDDLE SCHOOL AGE STUDENTS (seventh and eighth grades) both in after-school as well as more formal evening programs. These courses all include instruction in traditional and modern social skills, and while basic ballroom dancing is taught, emphasis is placed on the popular dances done at their school events, weddings, and bar and bat mitzvahs. The students enjoy the fun and fast-paced programs, which are structured to promote feelings of self-confidence and enhance friendships with other students.

The traditional manners that are covered in all seventh grade (or first year) programs include:

  • Receiving line procedures
  • Dancing etiquette
  • Going to a dance or party
  • How to make good first impressions
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Traditional rules for boys (escorting girls, holding chairs, coats, doors, and when to remove their hats, etc.)
  • Technology Etiquette

The dancing taught in the seventh grade program includes the basic waltz and foxtrot, Charleston, disco shag, swing/jitterbug, free style, line and slow dancing. The program generally covers five consecutive weeks of dancing instruction for one and one-half hours each week, and culminates with at least one party that allows the students to practice all the skills learned during the course.

The second year, advanced, or eighth grade program includes instruction in the following social skills:

  • How to make good first impressions
  • Interviewing skills
  • Dress for success
  • Communication one-on-one
  • Consider the dating scene (walking through the initial date)
  • Table Manners
  • Restaurant Etiquette

The dancing taught will advance some of the more popular steps from the first year program as well as introduce, among others, some 70’s Hustle, Latin, and a major Swing/Jitterbug routine in its six week class duration. Lasting one and one-half hours on consecutive weeks, the final class allows the students to practice their skills at a Dinner Dance for the more formal evening classes or at an informally catered event sponsored by the after-school parent-committee.

The Cotillion Group

The Cotillion Group

The Young Elite program is offered in four week, one hour segments, tailored to the age group attending. General course content includes:

Week One– Meeting Others/ Making Introductions/ Conversation and Magic Words/ Being a Friend.
Week Two– Being a Guest: After school, for the evening, overnight, out of town/ Telephone Tips
Week Three– Promoting Tranquility at the Table: At home, as a guest, at a restaurant
Week Four– Student and Parent Party (All parents are invited) 

HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS are also offered in abbreviated classes that are tailored to the needs of students and/or teachers. We offer “Keys to Success” speakers for Lunch and Learn sessions and business classes. “Stepping Stones to Success” is a one-time class offering a refresher of material pertaining to making good impressions, Table Manners and other social and professional skills. This is offered several times a year.

A full dancing and manners program may be offered as well to senior year students preparing for the job market or the college social scene.

Executive Advantage presents professional etiquette for companies of all sizes. Presentations are tailored based on company objectives. Topics include representing the company, interacting with clients and vendors, dining and table etiquette, making conversation.

We also offer Lunch and Learn presentations at schools and churches.

ADULT classes in dancing may be tailored to private groups or offered as adult education classes to church members or community groups. The course may include waltz, fox trot, Latin, Shag, Swing/Jitterbug, free style or any combination requested.

Adult dance classes have been offered through area churches, country clubs, neighborhood associations, and business groups. Many requests for adult classes come as a result of parents seeing what their children have learned in our programs. We do offer private lessons, wedding dances, and high-school reunion refreshers.