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 I loved doing the shag AND limbo! I kept tripping over my poodle skirt but won the "best costume" contest so whatever!

I loved the contests that you had at the end of the second class. Will we be doing more of those in the next classes?

 I loved this party. Thank you so much!

  The Parent's Party was so much fun! I have never seen my dad dance like that! Maybe that's a good thing...

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Our flagship course is offered to middle school students. OurThe Cotillion Group goals of high quality, contemporary, high impact, but time-abbreviated programs in dance and social skills make us Atlanta's premier company in our business. Both informal, after school, and the more formal ballroom and country club settings are available to our parents.

We have responded to requests for classes in other relevant areas. The high school program is a huge hit with senior high students wanting dance and social education opportunities as they go to their proms, prepare for the college social scene, or as they train for careers.

Adult dance is offered to individuals as well as groups in facilities located near the customer. Many adults are requesting training and information relevant to their businesses or personal office situations. Seminars on a variety of topics are available. Our "Executive Advantage" course is fun, fast-paced, and tailored to any professional needs a client requests.

Teaching age-appropriate etiquette to our elementary students in our "Young Elite" program pays off in countless ways: the children are better behaved in the classrooms, make friends easier, and get lots of positive feedback from their parents' friends!


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