The Lakeside Cotillion Grade 7

The Lakeside Cotillion Seventh Grade program is a fun and exciting way to be introduced to the world of socializing, dancing, and manners! The traditional manners that are covered in all seventh grade (or first year) programs include:

  • Receiving line procedures
  • Dancing etiquette
  • Going to a dance or party
  • How to make good first impressions
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Traditional rules for boys (escorting girls, holding chairs, coats, doors, and when to remove their hats, etc.)
  • Telephone manners

The dancing taught in the seventh grade program includes the basic waltz and foxtrot, Charleston, disco shag, swing/jitterbug, free style, line and slow dancing. The program generally covers five consecutive weeks of dancing instruction for one and one-half hours each week, and culminates with at least one party that allows the students to practice all the skills learned during the course.

The Lakeside Cotillion is made up of ET Booth and area private school students. Classes are held Thursday evenings at Bascomb United Methodist Church.